Here are some of the amazing reasons why you should become a member of our exclusive club:

Chantrey Membership – JOIN HERE

  • £35 per year – renewals due 1st April
  • Social Membership
  • Access to the club during opening hours
  • Discounted bar prices of up to 70p per pint
  • Discounted rates for events
  • Nominal charge for some events
  • Snooker tables available for hire
  • Free function room hire

Full Membership – JOIN HERE

All the benefits of Chantrey membership plus the following:

  • £80 per year – renewals due 1st February
  • Shareholder of the club
  • Voting rights at AGM
  • Eligibility after qualifying periods to hold office in the club
  • Free snooker (just lighting to pay for)  

If you would like to be one of our exclusive members, then please get in touch